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The Jungle James Team and our reptile, insect, & amphibian friends captivate audiences at birthday parties, schools, camps, scout meetings, fairs, corporate events and many other social gatherings. In our fascinating, educational presentations we explore the amazing world of exotic animals in a safe and exciting setting. 

Through the use of anecdotal stories, cool facts, and animal handling, our audience will better understand the similarities and differences that we share with these creatures, build their confidence, and expand their hearts; key elements to dispelling fear, not to mention a ton of fun. Our team is so at ease with these exotic creatures that before you know it, you're holding a snake for the first time.

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Jungle James on Discovery Channel

Sunday, December 7, 2015 9:00 p.m. Pacific (check local listings)

Jungle James is hosting a special segment highlighting the differences between Pythons and Anacondas during the Discovery Mega Week presentation of Eaten Alive featuring a man’s quest to be eaten by an Anaconda! 

Check out this special sneak peak of Eaten Alive:  http://www.discovery.com/tv-shows/eaten-alive/.  Jungle James, Goliath, and Large Marge wowed the Discovery Channel team.  Tune in, DVR it and tweet using #JungleJames to show your support.

Possible rebroadcast on Saturday, December 13, 2015 at 8:00 Pacific.

Our Team

Presenters Jungle James & Metamorphosis Monique - Assistants Lizzy Lizard, & Busy Bee Georgi

Our Mission

Jungle James Animal Adventures, LLC believes children of all ages deserve the opportunity to explore what it means to love life.  We continuously strive to shed new light on some of the world’s most commonly misunderstood creatures, evoke children’s natural sense of curiosity, and teach respect for all living things. 

The top 10 reasons to bring Jungle James to your next party or event . . .

  1. While other companies bring the animals they want, we let you choose the animals that you invite to your party.
  2. With 30 years of animal handling experience, Jungle James was probably younger than you when he started catching lizards so he has tons of great adventure stories to share.
  3. You don't have to travel around the world to see amazing, exotic animals. We bring them to you.
  4. All of our animals are safe, non-poisonous and don't bite but we can't speak for your other party guests.
  5. We're insured and our geckos are even cooler than the one on TV.
  6. The guest of honor receives a limited edition Jungle James t-shirt.
  7. We have super cool gift bags and favors for your guests to save you time and money (check 'em out).
  8. Our staff love kids and can't wait to share the incredible gift of our animals with you.
  9. Our great rates will make mom & dad happy too.
  10. Our Yelp reviews speak for themselves.