"Jungle James delivered an absolutely fabulous experience at our garden party. We had guests ranging in age from 4 to 86 and everyone came away learning something. James kept everyone engaged with his interactive presentation. Everyone told us afterwards that Jungle James was the hit of the party ! Well done James!"

Betty H. - Concord, CA,

"Everyone commented how extraordinary this was for a birthday party and loved every minute of it. Not the usual fanfare of clowns, jugglers, pony rides, etc. It was well worth every cent spent, and the kids can really take something away with them that they will never forget.

The animals are so endearing. I know why you love them. From the cute little Hip and Hop to the beautiful lizards and snakes, and of course the monster snake, Marge. I have to say having been able to have her on my lap and her nuzzling up to me, I fell in love with her."

Veneta R. - San Ramon, CA,

"We had Jungle James & his assistant Leopard Gecko Lauren over for our son's 10th birthday and it was a smash hit. 3 years ago, on our son's 7th birthday, we had a guy come in from East Bay Vivarium but Jungle James blew away EV guy out of the water.

  1. JJ is totally engaging with kids. His enthusiasm is quite apparent from the get go
  2. JJ is not only entertaining but very knowledgeable so it was a total learning experience for the kids & adults
  3. Kids were able to get very close and even touch some of the animals
  4. You can pick & choose which reptile you want them to bring over to your party
  5. We had 3 snakes for the party and two of them, kids were able to wrap it around their neck for pictures etc.. totally cool

If your kid is into reptiles and would like to have show & tell kind of a party, don't even think about going with anyone else except Jungle James. His fees are very reasonable and your kid and his friends will have a blast!!!"

Michael H. - Concord, CA ,