Giant African Bullfrog -
Sub-Saharan Africa

Pyxicephalus adspersus

*Elite Animal* $20

4 - 100 YEARS OLD


When they are younger, the enjoy a diet of insects and earthworms, but as they grow, they prefer other amphibians and rodents.


Males are known to attack animals much larger than themselves in defense of their offspring.  They can spend over a year estivating to survive droughts and freezes due to seasonal changes.  They slow their bodily functions, and survive on water stored in their special bladder.

Interesting Facts

Second largest species of frog in the world behind the Goliath frog with males far eclipsing females in size.   These frogs are equipped with bony tooth-like projections called odontiods, located in the center of their lower jaw that deliver bloody bites.  They puff up with air to appear as large as they can as a defensive tactic.

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