Twig & Thorn

Macleay's Spectre Stick Insect - Australia

Extatosoma tiaratum

7 - 100 YEARS OLD


These vegetarians eat eucalyptus, hazel, rose, raspberry, and oak leaves.


Eggs look like seeds and take, on average, 4-9 months to hatch.  In rare cases, they can take up to 2 years.  Females can reproduce without males (parthenogenesis), but will lay only female eggs. Each nymph shed represents an instar stage and occurs roughly every month (5/males, 6/females) to reach maturity.  Nymphs, but not adults can regenerate lost limbs while still growing in the instar stages. Males live 6-9 months as an adult, females 9-18 months.


Females can grow to 8” in the wild but only 4-6” in captivity.  Males possess a long, fully functional set of wings.  They breathe through their skin, so if their body gets submerged in water, they will drown.

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